Diego Fernandez-Duque
  Associate Professor
  Department of Psychology
  Villanova University

About me:

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1993, after getting my medical doctor degree, I moved to University of Oregon in Eugene, where I had the good fortune of working with Mike Posner on issues of attention and executive function. I also did research on change blindness with Ian Thornton --a buddy from graduate school--, and on metaphors of attention with the philosopher Mark L. Johnson. My wonderful wife, Jodie Baird taught me about theory of mind and metacognition. In 2000, I moved to Toronto for my postdoc to work under the supervision of Sandy Black, a cognitive neurologist at the Rotman Research Institute and Sunnybrook Hospital. I did research on attention and executive function in Alzheimer's disease. I also studied fronto-temporal dementia (FTD), a disease characterized by impaired social skills and denial of deficit. In 2004, I took a job as faculty at Villanova University, a liberal arts college in the suburbs of Philadelphia where I pursue research on judgment and decision making, and on social cognition.

Jodie and I have two wonderful kids. Santiago was born in Toronto in 2002 and Malena was born in Philadelphia in 2005. 

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diego.fernandezduqueATvillanovaDOTedu            Office:  Tolentine 220; Lab:  Tolentine 253         

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