The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab 


Research at our lab spans both cognitive and social neuroscience. Within cognitive neuroscience, we aim to understand how different aspects of attention change due to aging and pathology, and why perception sometimes occurs in the absence of attention and awareness. Thus, we investigate the mechanisms of attention (i.e., its constituent parts and how they relate to each other), as well as the effects of attention (i.e., the consequences it has for perception and cognition). To do so, we use both behavioral and neuroimaging methods in normal and clinical populations, such as Alzheimer's Disease and stroke.

Within social neuroscience, we aim to understand impairments in social cognition brought about by brain insult or errors in development. To achieve this, in the past we have used fronto-temporal dementia as a model disease in which to explore empathy, metacognition, and theory of mind. More recently, we have started to investigate the possible relation between executive function and metacognitive knowledge in healthy adults.

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