Diego's Cognition Lab 

Much of the current research in the lab tackles questions about people's social knowledge, including:

  • Does neurojibberish bias people's reasoning? (yes)

  • Is false consensus largest for moral values? (yes)

  • Do Americans think that who they truly are dependens on their brain? (yes)

  • What are psychology and neuroscience stereotypes? (psych is warm, neuro is competent)

We also have an interest in executive functions and metacognitive judgments, including:

  • How reliable are people's instrospection of their attentional efforts and abilities?

  • What are the distortions of metacognition brought about by pathology? We have looked at this in frontotemporal dementia, and more recently in ADHD.

Students considering the lab should know that there is only limited opportunity for patient research, which depends on recruitment of participants within a college setting (adhd, asperger's, dyslexia, etc.).

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